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Imigration, Foreign Admissions, Academic Counselling, Flight Booking, Ticket Purchase, etc...

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"A refusal is not a denial" ~ Aurevoir Voyages

Below are the various categories of visas that we handle

1. Visitor’s Visas

These include family visitor, tourism, short-studies (less than 6 months) to the following countries:
Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, China, South Korea, UAE and the Schengen states.

2. Student visas:

To the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.

3. Permanent Resident (relocation) visas to Canada only

4. Work Permits (following an offer of employment) to Canada only

We can also assist you with getting a job in Canada.

Our Other Services



Admission remains the first and for foremost step in the process of going to study overseas. Securing Admission swiftly remains the prerogative of Student Recruitment Agencies such as ours because of the affiliations we establish with foreign institutions.

You can choose from a wide range of courses at both Bachelor and Post Graduate levels. Your wards can also enrol in elementary and secondary schools. Our academic / admission counselling manager is ready to help you choose the best suitable and prospective program of study.



Bulk of the students that we assist to get their admissions and visas are on their way to study out of the country for the first time and as such do not have any previous experience on the necessary arrangements to be made, right from home, all the way through Point of Entry POE Protocols and final settlement in in their various schools. Our services are extended to cover these areas at no extra cost to the clients. We advise them for example on the proper documentation to carry, the appropriate winter and summer cloths, how to sort themselves out with school clearance once in the destination country etc..


When our services are engaged, we book flights for our clients and procure tickets for them at the best possible fares.


We can assist you with your search for accommodation for your ward going overseas to study.


While studying abroad, it is important to take note of when your travel documents, necessary temporary resident visas and study permits would expire, in order to initiate a renewal process within the stipulated grace period to avoid being asked to leave and to enable you re-entry on the territory after an exit.

However if for any reasons you were not able to do this on time and you documents happen to expire, you may require the expertise of a professional to help with the new applications. We are here to help.


WWe organize French language immersion tours to French speaking countries in Europe, Canada and West Africa.